The Font-Symbols of LabanWriter

This is a jpeg-Picture Overview on the avialable Font-Symbols of the LabanWriter program from the Dance department of the Ohios State University.

I have created it to have the symbols available as pictures, so that it is possible to use them in a webpage for example.

For converting I have written a C-program that reads in the fonts (using freetype2-library) and writes the glyphs as jpeg-Pictures to a file (libjpeg-library, "IJG JPEG library").

Some of the symbols may look distorted, but this only, because they are scaled to 50x50 pixels on this webpage. This is for convenience of easier viewing this overwiew. If you look at the symbols (downloading them, or opening the graphics individually with your browser), you will see the correct sized symbols.

Thanks to David Ralley (maintainer of the LabanWriter program) for sending me the fonts as TrueType-fonts bundled in a zip-file.

All pictures bundled in a zip-file

Oliver Bandel,
Mo 25. Feb 10:34:14 CET 2008