On this page you can type in a program/script that creates a pdf-file, containing text as well as laban-directional symbols.

So with this page you can create a pdf-page containing text as well as laban-scales. The resulting page can be used for your notices, e.g. for your own preparation for your classes. You also can use the created pages for your classes, as long as you let in the document the notice, that this page was created with this tool.

If you want to use the result of this tool for publications, you definitely have to include a note in that publication, that you have created it with this tool.
And if you use this tool for publications, or in your classes, please drop me a note. This can be a motivating factor to enhance this tool And if it is possible for you, please send me a copy of your publication.

If you have any questions or want to give me other feedback, contact me. If you find this tool useful, please let me know. This could give me motivation to use some of my time for this tool; otherwise I may do other things. (For contact see mailaddress in the Scale.pdf, which you get as result.)

This tool was written in a short time and was a fun-project. Even if there could be many features added and this could be a start for a bigger tool (e.g. analysing of directional sequences), this may also be useful for others right now.
I also thought about implementing Laban-fonts for LaTeX (e.g. Postscript-Font), but without feedback and support from the Laban-community, I think this will be no more than an idea.

The commands by example

print title "Document Title"
print text "the text goes here"
print scale H, D, DRF


print flip-HD scale H, D, DRF
print flip-RL scale H, D, DRF
print flip-FB scale H, D, DRF
print flip-all scale H, D, DRF

I think about implementing filter-fetaures, for e.g.filtering directions of a scale so to get e.g. all diretions of a scale that have a directional "R" in it (this could be R, DRF, HR and so on).

The directions

For the directions I use the abbreviations according to the book Body Movement - Coping with the Environment by Bartenieff/Lewis (ISBN 0-677-05500-5). Each (cardinal) dimensional direction gets one character to indicate. If a direction has more than one (cardinal) dimension, the characters for each of these directions will be combined.
I directly use the combinations from the above mentioned book, even if it also could make sense to have the possibility of changing the order of the characters (for convenience of typing the scripts).
For your convenience I added a table with all directions, that can be used. But at first you can play around with the already existing example. For first experiments you can simply drop the button "send script" and look at the resulting pdf-file.

Trans Sag Front Direction
. . . C
. . F F
. . B B
. R . R
. L . L
H . . H
D . . D
. R F RF
. R B RB
. L F LF
. L B LB
H . F HF
H . B HB
D . F DF
D . B DB
H R . HR
H L . HL
D R . DR
D L . DL

Additional commands: fontsize : normal (not necessary, because this is default)
fontsize : big (scales all fonts by factor 1.2)
fontsize : bigger (scales all fonts by 1.4)
fontsize : huge (scales all fonts by 14.0)
Base fontsizes are 20.0 for Title and 12.0 for normal text and scales. All scaling operations are only performing a scaling once, so multiple scaling commands are always caling the base sizes by the mentioned factors. (P.S.: Changed base fontsize to 12.0 pt instead of 10.0 pt, because people mentioned 10.0 would be too small. I may later add 10.0 as "small" font (command "fontsize: small"), but only, if necessary for myself, or if people ask for it. (feel free to ask for features.)) when using fontsize huge, be careful: it is only useful for simple scales, not for complete pages.

A script that will work and produce useful output:

fontsize: huge
print newline
print newline
print newline
print scale DLF, DF, DRF
print newline
print scale DL, D, DR
print newline
print scale DLB, DB, DRB

Your script goes here:

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